Few things are so great for families than traveling and spending quality time with each other. Those memories will never be forgotten and will also build what personal character your kids may have in the future. Family traveling, specially traveling with kids is just an amazing way to stay together and enjoy life.


Traveling with kids to Costa Rica

Although traveling with kids could be challenging at times, they give a new way of looking at the world and enjoying the little things and different things on each place. They encourage us to tackle our fears, and help to keep life in perspective at all times. It is the best way to create lifetime memories for your family. If you are still unsure about traveling with children, we will give you some very good reasons to go ahead and do it:

Kids that travel are smarter, more adaptable, and more environmentally conscious.

  • Families who travel together have better communication skills, closer relationships, and better problem solving skills.
  • It is a very good way to create new meaningful memories.


Costa Rica is a special place for families with kids. It is a bi g great playground full of trees, volcanoes, thermal waters, and wildlife free on nature.


  • Nevertheless, there are some things that families traveling with kids should consider to make their vacations the best one ever.
  • What to pack? Most people seem to believe that traveling with kids requires a lot of suitcase, they even believe that the smaller the kid the bigger the suitcase. This is not completely true: small kids may require dippers but their clothes are also very small. Traveling with a lot of stuff and toys are also no necessary. Parents can chose some favorite toys, some legos or a stuff animal just to keep kids interested and leave everything else behind. Many children carry their own small bag and they are even proud to do so. So, the main advice is, as “Bohemian Travelers” said: Know your child and give them whatever they can handle.
  • Sometimes children take longer to get over jet lag. This may be true to very far away distances, and there are ways to help them feel better. So don’t worry ahead of time and enjoy the time together.
  • How to handle new food? After talking to lots of parents who travel with their kids and how they handle new food, we can safely say that explaining to kids that they will try something new and encouraging them to explore new places is the perfect idea. If they don’t like it, there will always find something that they do, and on the last case there is always many restaurants where they sell fast foods.
  • How to handle flight time? Sometimes flights can be challenging because it is a long period of time that the kids have to be sited. However, with some things such as a coloring book, some electronic device to play, or any favorite toy, they will pretty much stay calm. Don’t forget to explain what they will be doing and how they need to behave, so they understand.
  • Consider bringing a stroller. Although sometimes it may be bothersome, it is always a good option to have. A better advice would be to bring what you think your child will need according to the place you are visiting. In Costa Rica it is a good place to walk on the forest and other outdoor activities. Depending on the activities that you will have on the itinerary, you may decide to bring or not a stroller.
  • All-day sightseeing is not fun for many kids. Integrate play time in to the day and plan structured activities like walking tours and special activities to increase the level of engagement.
  • Plan international trips for 10 or more days. Create itineraries that have simple logistics with no more than 2-3 accommodation changes in a two week trip.


Law considerations for traveling with kids to Costa Rica

  • Booster sits for children under 8 years old.
  • Even infants need a passport to enter Costa Rica.
  • A child also needs a passport.


Outdoor activities that children can enjoy in Costa Rica

  • Hiking on National Parks: Children of any age.
  • River floats: Children of any age.
  • Kayak: Children of any age accompanied by parents or guide.
  • Horseback riding: Children over 8 years of age with parent consent.
  • Canyonning: children over 5 years old.
  • Canopy (ziplining): children over 5 years old.
  • White Water Rafting Sarapiqui: children over 10 years old.
  • White Water Rafting Pacuare River: children over 12 years old.