The most active volcano in the country


Almost at the same time that Arenal Volcano stop its major activity, Turrialba Volcano began to be very active with some major eruptions of volcanic dust. The volcano is located close to the town of the same name, in the Cartago province.

The volcano is protected by the Turrialba National Park. Nowadays, the area is closed because of the danger of the eruptions, even though the last major lava eruption tookplace 3.500 years ago. It has an elevation of 3,340 m (10,958 ft).

Turrialba town is also known to be the second adventure capital of Costa Rica, next to Arenal, and compiting with Providencia. Tours like white water rafting, canyoning, biking tour, ziplinning are famous in the area.


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 Turrialba Volcano