Las Hornillas Sector


Miravalles is one of the active volcanoes of the country. It is has an elevation of 2,023 m or 6,653 feet, which makes it the highest mountain in the Guanacaste Province.  It can be reached from Bijagua or from Bagaces. In the Pailas sector visitors can see volcanic geysers, boiling mud, fumaroles and of course, thermal waters.

One of the main attractions of the places is Hornillas, where the visitor can walk inside the active crater, and see a few volcanic activity (not lava) in the area.

At the Miravalles Volcano, the ICE (electricity national company), has a geothermal power plant project unique in the country.

The area is rich in biodiversity and a land full of attractions for nature lovers. There are few hotels, restaurants and hot springs small resorts.


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 Las Hornillas - Miravalles Volcano