Our true passion is photography and travel!


If you like the world of photography and have a special interest in wildlife, nature and outdoor activities, Costa Rica is the place for you! Everywhere you look, you will find amazing things to capture with your camera and to keep as treasures for a lifetime. Banana Adventure Tours have created a special tour for those of you who will love to come and enjoy nature from the point of view of your camera lens. It does not matter if you are a pro, or if you are just an amateur who actually enjoy a high emphasis on travel photography. Here you can choose to go with an expert in photography as your guide, or to choose places that will be best for photography.

In addition to our tour packages designed specifically for photography, we offer great advice so that you can choose your photo gear adequately, so that you can meet your photo expectations. We will tech you to get the most out of your camera so you can get an artistic view of Costa Rica.

Our photo tour is a leader in the field of cultural, wildlife, architectural, and landscape photography tours in Costa Rica. On our photography adventures in Costa Rica, you'll learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque places with our Banana Adventure Tours instructors.