Costa Rica a Natural Paradise


Costa Rica is internationally known as a natural paradise. It is located in Central America, so its weather is very nice and warm. It has only two season: green season and rainy season. In its land, there are more than 200 volcanoes, 7 of which are active. It also has two coasts: Pacific and Caribbean, and in between there are several mountain ranges. Because of all these conditions, Costa Rica has very different landscapes (beach, forest, mangroves, and canals, among others).

More than 25% of the territory is forest: could forest, rain forest, transition forest, etc. and each of these places have a very specific biodiversity. Costa Rica is a great place for nature lovers, who are looking to enjoy the wonders and peace of the natural settings. In the national parks is very easy to see wildlife, even sloths and monkeys are running freely in the forest.