For sure, there are many places in the world that are great for solo travelers, and Costa Rica stands on the top in the list. Costa Rica is one of the safest, friendliest countries for your solo adventure.

A great amount of solo travelers claim that traveling alone is the best way to experience the world. You live it without the influence of other person and focus on making friends and meeting other travelers as well. A Solo travel adventure is also a voyage of self-discovery.

Solo travel is the ideal opportunity to try something new, and way not do it in Costa Rica. Surf on one of our world known beaches, bike on the shores of Lake Arenal, or hike to the top of one of Costa Rica active volcanoes before relaxing on its thermal waters.


Solo travel destinations in Costa Rica

Because of Costa Rica size, it is a great country to come and get the most out of your vacation time. You can have a good combination of beach, mountain, volcanoes, adventure and relax, while enjoying of a traveling experience you will never forget.

Despite the dreaded, and often costly, single supplement, Costa Rica offers the same price for a single room than for a double. The increase in price may come from transportation, but there are ways to make it less expensive and accommodate your budget. Please ask us for options. 


There are specially two concerns that many solo travelers have:

  1. Safety: There are some places that are statistically safer than others.
  2. Welcoming happy country: a place where you will feel welcome and where you can interact easily with people.

Costa Rica is big on these two issues. If you want to read a little more about that, you should look for the Global Peace Index, which ranks 149 nations for their peacefulness, and the Happy Planet Index, which looks at environmental impact and human well-being in 143 countries to measure where people live long and happy lives. Note that Costa Rica is ranking high on both indexes.

 Written by Caro Goodfellow
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