Costa Rica´s Central Market

When visiting Costa Rica, don´t forget to visit any of the numerous city markets present in each big city of Costa Rica. The most important is the Central Market, located in San Jose Downtown and where tourist may experience the real daily life of Costa Ricans. It is one of the most representative places in old San Jose and an icon of Costa Rican Culture.

On colonial times, the small town of San José was called "La Boca del Monte", because it served as the main entrance to the central part of the country. With time farmers settle down with their families on the area founding want later would be San Jose.

Costa Rica´s Central Market is visited for over 20 thousand people every day, giving the place a life of its own. It was founded in 1882 and it has been remodeled several times, but it keeps its labyrinth like structure and many exit doors. It is also a place where you can enjoy typical Costa Rican food, like the "Casados" (rice, beans, salad, cheese, plantains, tortillas and meat), "gallo pinto" (rice with beans) and the deliciously sweet drink "agua dulce" (water with national sugar candy).

The fruits, vegetables, meats, and merchandise are sold on good prices, and while you walk through the hallways, you will enjoy the smell of fresh made tortillas. Like San Jose Central Market, also other cities like Cartago, Heredia, Alajuela, Limon, and Liberia have also a city market. Smallest cities like Grecia have a small market with lots to offer, very clean and with art murals to decorate the place. When you come to Costa Rica, don’t forget to visit one of the markets and experience the Costa Rican culture and history.

Written by Caro Goodfellow

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