Costa Rica is known for:

Perhaps, before coming to Costa Rica, you want to do some search on the web to know what to expect. From and inside point of view, Costa Rica is a small country that has so much to offer. So, what is Costa Rica known for?

 San Gerardo de Dota


  • Costa Rica is known for its wonderful coffee. Even though, there are other countries such as Colombia and Brazil, which produces greats amounts of coffee, Costa Rica is known to have one of the best coffee qualities in the world. Its standards are very high and there is a great consciousness about the environment and the ecological way to produce coffee, which places the country as supreme exportation coffee.


  • Costa Rica is known for its ecological and green culture. Although the country has a lot to improve, Costa Rica has placed a lot of effort on environmental education, and devotes a great deal of government funds to protect the environment. Costa Rica has one of the highest percentages on protected areas in the world, with more of 40% of its land under some sort of protection (National Park, Natural Monument, Refugees, Private Reserves, Botanical Gardens, etc.).


  • Costa Rica is known for its peaceful - no army culture. In fact it is the only country in the world which does not have an army. Swiss for example, has a neutral policy, but still have a kind of army. Most countries in the world invest a great percentage of their income to sustain military forces. Costa Rica, in 1948, abolished its army and from that time on has devoted the money to make stronger the country education. So, a visitor will not see army people in the country, tanks, or military planes, but will see police man all over the country. Costa Rica´s former president Oscar Arias, won a Nobel Prize for his works on the peace in Central America.


  • Costa Rica is known for its lush green wonderful nature. A land full of volcanoes, crystal rivers, beautiful beaches, lush green forests, waterfalls, and mountains, with both Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, it´s just an enormous garden for those who love nature and enjoy the outdoors.


  • Costa Rica is known for its adventure tourism. Costa Rica has everything you can do on a tropical country: white water rafting, canopy-ziplinning, horseback riding, kayak (sea and mangrove), bungee jumping, cannoning, rappelling, surfing, kite surfing, mountain biking, hiking, etc. It offers a great infrastructure of hotels and restaurants for all budgets and tastes, you can choose to have an adventurous vacation or a relaxing one, everything is here for the visitor to enjoy.


Written by Caro Goodfellow
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