More and more people are choosing Solo Travel as a great option to know different countries and enjoy an adventure that will never be forgotten. Costa Rica is an excellent country for solo travelers for many reasons. Single travelers often are looking for a unique experience. Most often they are looking to interact with locals, eat regional gastronomy and experience the essential Costa Rica that is advertized as a country of peace.

It is a safe, small and fun country where solo travelers can enjoy different activities joining other groups of people, getting to know the culture and interacting one on one with the costa rican people. It does not matter if you are introvert or extrovert, since there is a place for everyone. Being on your own could lead to new and rewarding experiences.

It can also help you to be more spontaneous or to enjoy being the owner of your time and your present at all times, without having to make compromises.


Solo Travel can be the ultimate freedom!

One thing to take into consideration when solo traveling, is that you are never really alone. It is an opportunity to blend in with the locals, broaden your mind and experience the new and refreshing change of settings. You are only alone if you wish to be, but in fact in Costa Rica people are very warm and friendly, and you will always find someone to talk to.


Travelling solo is about freedom, you are never really alone.

BANANA ADVENTURE TOURS offers an option for Single travel or solo travel in Costa Rica. The price will depend on the type of hotels you will rather use, but overall it is a tour package made for people who enjoy life, adventure and nature.

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