1. In february, the town of Palmares hosts one of the biggest "Fiestas" in the country. There are concerts, "corridas de toros" (bulls), food and bars. First two weeks of January.
  2. Every second week of October (October 12), Puerto Limón hosts a festival called carnaval. The event's start is credited to local community leader and activist, Alfred Josiah Henry Smith (known as "Mister King"), who helped organize the first carnaval in October 1949.
  3. On August 2 (August 1), a big portion of the population (almost 2 millions) pilgrimade to the Basilica de la Virgen de los Angeles to celebrate the special day of the Virgen aparicion.
  4. August 31, "Pasada de los Santos de San Ramon Nonato" en San Ramon
  5. El desfiles de los Faroles on September 14, the day before September 15, Costa Rica Independence day.
  6. On December 11th, at Nicoya taes place the celebration that combines the Christian and the indeginous culture, en homenaje a "la Senorita de Guadalupe".
  7. In January 15 "Las Fiestas Patronales" Santa Cruz of Guanacaste de Santo Cristo Negro de Esquipulas. Baile de los indios promesanos.
  8. October 31 is the National Day of the Costa Ricas Macaradas.
  9. In the middle of January La Copa del Cafe at the Costa Rica Country Club (Tenis).
  10. The "mascaradas" at Santa Barbara de Heredia.
  11. Holy wednesday, at Cot in Cartago, there is the celebration of "El Cristo de las Cintas".
  12. On the second sunday of march is the National Day of the "Boyeros" in San Antonio de Escazu.
  13. During the end of the year, each December 25 to January 4, is the beginning of "Fiestas de Zapote".
  14. Carnavales de Puntarenas on the last week of february.
  15. The celebration of La Virgen del Mar. The closest saturday to July 16.
  16. During January most catholic people celebrate the "Rezo del Nino".
  17. September 28, Feria del Pejivaye in Tucurrique.
  18. The last sunday of May (May 15), on the day of San Isidor Labrador takes place la Bendicion de los animales.
  19. Semana Santa takes place in march and april.
  20. Día de la Anexión de Guanacaste - 25 de Julio.
  21. In the middle of march if the national exhibition of orchids.
  22. Festival de la Luz takes place on december.
  23. Carnaval at San Jose takes place on December 27.
  24. El Tope, takes place on December 26.
  25. October 12 celebrates at Tres Rios de La Union, dia de la Virgen del Pilar.
  26. December 8, Fiesta de Negritos in Boruca.
  27. Each two years is the "Festival de las Artes" (FIA)
  28. FID "Festival Internacional de Diseno takes place every year in February.
  29. La Fiesta de los Diablitos takes place the last week of february in la aldea del Boruca del rey Curre, south of San Isidro del General.
  30. On October there is la feria del Maiz in Upala.
  31. La Vuelta ciclistica de Costa Rica.
  32. In november 5 to 7, La Ruta de los Conquistadores. Most importan Mountain biking event and also the most difficult rout for mountain biking in the world.
  33. Festival Envision new age event in Dominical takes place in March.
  34. Costa Rica open of Surf takes place on December 6 and 7.
  35. On the last week of August takes place the Festival Flores de la Diáspora Africana.
  36. Every saturday or sunday, depening on the area, takes place the Feria del Agricultor.
  37. On december Las Posadas.
  38. Desove de Tortugas.
  39. At the end of June and the negining of July is la Feria del Queso at Santa Cruz de Turrialba.
  40. La Feria del Jocote takes place at La Uruca de Aserri, which takes place at the end of July.
  41. On April, Feria del Palmito and small vegetables takes place in Tucurrique Cartago.
  42. In May, Feria del Chayote, takes place in las Ruinas de Ujarras.
  43. On september takes place la Feria del Maíz de Mollejones de Platanares.
  44. Dia de la Madre
  45. Dia del Padre
  46. Agosto, Festival de Musica Creodmatic.
  47. February 12 - Dia de los enamorados.
  48. Feria Verde takes place evry saturday from 7 am to 1 p.m. to sell organic vegetables and handcrafts.
  49. Embrujarte takes place in December.
  50. Valorarte shows the best of the Contemporary Art in Costa Rica and takes place in November of each year.
  51. Feria de Bellas Artes in December which takes in UCR.
  52. EXPOTUR 2015 Costa Rica Travel Mart takes place in May 7 and 8.
  53. From March 1 to March 4 takes place la Feria de las Fresas at Vara Blanca, Heredia. Among the activities planned are the strawberry fight and the desert match.
  54. La Feria Internacional del Libro
  55. Feria del Cafe takes place in LA Aduana, at San Jose city on January 15 for three days.
  56. La Feria de las Frutas en Orotina.
  57. El Baile de la Polilla takes place on October 11 at the main park of Alajuela to celebrate dthe founding of the city.
  58. El Tope Nocturno de Atenas, and Coronado.
  59. Feria de la Naranja takes place at Tabarcia de Mora in San Jose Province, Last week of January and first weekend of February.
  60. Festividad San Luis de Tolosa takes place in Aserri in August 25.
  61. Feria America Tropical (Mayo 22 - 23) at the University EARTH in Guacimo, Limon.
  62. Corpus Cristi (Junio 4) at Pacayas, Cartago. Streets decorated with flowers.