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  • Adventure Travel in Costa Rica - Pura Vida!


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    Take some time for yourself, your family and friends and come to Costa Rica to enjoy an adventure that you will never forget. Banana Adventure Tours offers different tour packages for a wide range of budgets and requirements; customer tailor adventure is our specialty! Traveling is something that will give you the best memories to remember good times and great experiences. Choose a combination of adventure tours and relaxing places to experience nature in its purest state.

    Costa Rica is definitely your best travel destination this year!

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  • Why Costa Rica Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

    Helping you make the desicion


    Honestly! Who doesn't dream of an adventure vacation in Costa Rica? Those wonderful active volcanoes, two different sea shores to enjoy beaches (Caribbean and Pacific), lush green rain and cloud forests and an endless opportunity to see wildlife as it was meant to be: free! – it’s the ultimate destination.

    It is a safe country full of wild nature, fun nice people and adventure activities. And to make it even easier for you to decide whether Costa Rica should be your next adventure vacation spot or not, here are some of the activities you can enjoy in this nature paradise.


    1. More than 300 beaches to choose from on both sides: Caribbean and Pacific.
    2. More than 28 National Parks and Wildlife Refugees.
    3. Bird watching and wildlife. Costa Rica is a megadiverse country.
    4. Adventure Activities such as White Water Rafting; ziplining and rappeling.
    5. Surfing at sunset on beautiful volcanic sand beaches
    6. Spa, Thermal Waters and Relaxation spots
    7. Party and night life

    Costa Rica best vacation spot


    Written by Caro Goodfellow
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