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    Costa Rica a Natural Paradise


    Costa Rica is internationally known as a natural paradise. It is located in Central America, so its weather is very nice and warm. It has only two season: green season and rainy season. In its land, there are more than 200 volcanoes, 7 of which are active. It also has two coasts: Pacific and Caribbean, and in between there are several mountain ranges. Because of all these conditions, Costa Rica has very different landscapes (beach, forest, mangroves, and canals, among others).

    More than 25% of the territory is forest: could forest, rain forest, transition forest, etc. and each of these places have a very specific biodiversity. Costa Rica is a great place for nature lovers, who are looking to enjoy the wonders and peace of the natural settings. In the national parks is very easy to see wildlife, even sloths and monkeys are running freely in the forest.



  • Tips for the Adventure Traveler

    Planning an adventure to Costa Rica! There are many things you can do to be prepared and get the most out of this incredible experience. You may choose to do the same many other visitors do when they arrive to Costa Rica, or you can inform yourself to choose other destinations in Costa Rica that will be more authentic and not so known by the common tourist.

    So, what can you do to prepare for an adventure in Costa Rica:

    1. Stay Flexible – Plans can change, transportation may be late, luggage can get lost, a place may be different from what you expect…but if you keep flexible you can enjoy everything to its fullest and still get your money worth. So the first advice is Roll with it!
    2. Know the customs/culture of your destination - It will be great if you read a little more about Costa Rica so you know what you want to do and know what to expect in terms of cultural and costumes. Read more about Costa Rica Culture.
    3. Be respectful and humble – Every culture has something different to teach you, every country has something beautiful to show you. Let us show you the wonderful things Costa Rica hides; let us show you how friendly and open Costa Ricans can be.
    4. Know your strengths and limitations – Decide to do only what you can, don’t over do it. Costa Rica has a little of everything for everyone. You may try soft adventures or hard extreme experiences in nature. Just decide what are your strengths and limitations so that you don’t waste a day resting in bed because of sore muscles or a senseless accident.
    5. Document the trip – Take pictures, write a journal, document the details and you will get something unexpected out of it.
    6. Security – Stay safe. Costa Rica is a safe country for the most part, but please uses your common sense. There are also other things you can do to stay safe, such as call your bank before leavening home so that they know you will be abroad, and carry at least two copies of your passport.
    7. Packing – Brig what you need, and no more. Please check our Travel Checklist article and the 5 Things you DONT need to pack, for a full description.


    Written by Caro Goodfellow

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