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    Mature Travel in Costa Rica

    People who have retire and would like to dedicate their time to travel, are very welcome to Costa Rica. It is a safe country that offer all the commodities for mature travelers. We understand that mature travelers would like to enjoy time doing fun things, learning and relaxing with nature. However, there are always some tips that should be followed so that the vacation becomes a dream come true:


    1. Debit cards vs credit card – The big question when you come to Costa Rica is if you need to exchange currency or if you pay in dollars. Moreover, the question about what is better, to pay with debit card or to pay with credit card. The answers to these questions are pretty simple. You may come to Costa Rica and manage yourself only with dollars if you want; the exchange rate at stores is pretty much the same as if you go to an official place to get colones. It is also better to use debit cards than to use credit cards because of the fee that is charge by your bank back home. Almost every place accepts credit or debit cards. It is a bad idea to get cash from the ATM since the commission to withdraw money is pretty high ranging from $5 to $10 every time you get out cash, no matter the amount.

    2. Travel checks are not use anymore in Costa Rica. Cashing a travel check in Costa Rica is almost impossible, most banks do not recognize them and if there is one that does you will spend lots of time trying to cash it. It is better to bring a credit card or cash from back home.

    3. Also, try to bring small bills. Most $50 or $100 bills are not accepted in any store. Also, broken bills or bills that are missing a corner are not accepted either, so sometimes it can be difficult to pay with cash if your bills are not in good condition.

    4. Inform yourself before traveling. There are agencies such as Banana Adventure Tours that will take the time to answer all your questions and give you as much information as you need for all the activities and places that you are visiting.

    5. A good thing to know is what holidays coincide with your trip. Although tours and activities run 365 days a year in Costa Rica, you may experience some holiday activities that will show a little more about the local culture of the place. In some places, stores will be close on January 1, December 25, and Holy Thursday and Friday.

    Mature Travel Costa Rica

    Over 50 Travel Costa Rica

    6. Make a list of everything that you need to bring when you travel to Costa Rica and check it twice. We do have a resource that you may use in order to avoid forgetting important things. Please visit our Travel Checklist page.

    7. Cellphone Coverage. Most cell phone providers offer international calling plans, but before purchasing one make sure that you truly need it because they are pricy. In Costa Rica many places offer free Wi-Fi, and you can connect to them and send messages through whatsapp, Skype, Viber, or Tango, among others.

    8. Remember to notify your local bank about your trip. You don’t want to be in another country and don’t be able to pay with your credit card because it is blocked. For security reasons your credit card will block if it is use in another place far from where you live. Just call your local bank and let them know about you upcoming trip.

    9. Make photocopies of important documents. You don’t need to carry your passport or any other important document during your tour activities or when visiting new places in Costa Rica. It is safer to leave it on the safe at your hotel room and just carry a photocopy of your passport. Also, if your credit card gets lost you need to have the cancellation numbers found on the back of the credit card.

    10. Before booking make sure you know about the visa requirements that you need. That way you will not be stressed by the normal paper work that has to be done in case you need a visa. For visa requirements to come to Costa Rica, please check out the following page.


    Written by Caro Goodfellow

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