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    Costa Rica Thermal Waters


    In Costa Rica thermal waters are very common. With more than 200 volcanoes and 7 active ones, the territory is full of volcanic veins that create hot springs. Among the most touristic places in the country is Arenal, La Fortuna, which is the top place to enjoy hot springs. However, there are some others in the country. The second most important area tofind thermal waters is the skirts of Miravalles Volcano. There can be found dozens of hot springs for every different taste.

    Besides the obvious relaxing nature of the thermal waters, they also are good for the overall health of a person. Diferent places have different temperatures for their hot spring pools and in some places there are also cold pools.

    The most important Hot Springs areas:

    1. La Fortuna, Arenal
    2. Miravalles Volcano
    3. Rincon de a Vieja Volcano
    4. Orosi Valley
    5. Tenorio Volcano
    6. Other