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    Health tourism or Medial travel involves traveling to another country to obtain any kind of medical procedure. Costa Rica a very good public health system. The private health system has some of the best professionals in Latin-American, some of them with degrees in United States and other international specialties. Actually, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Costa Rica on the top 3 healthcare systems in the whole Latin America. Many times, it has ranked higher than other well developed countries like the US and Canada. This is clear when you see the life expectancy of Costa Rica is 78,7, which is higher than in the US.

    According with the Council for International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (PROMED), in 2013 around 50.000 people came to Costa Rica to undergo some kind of medical procedure. This number is likely to keep growing since the service quality of private health companies in Costa Rica is improving constantly.

    There are various clinics that have the AAAASF accreditation, among them are the Hospital CIMA in San Jose, Clinica Catolica and Clinica Bíblica. Another clinic called Imágenes Médicas Dr. Chavarria Estrada is the only ISO-9001 certified imaging clinic in Latin America as well.

    The most popular medical services searched by visitors are dental care, plastic surgery, dermatology, psychology, drug recovery, and checkups, such as blood tests, PET/CT imaging, etc.

    Among the advantages of coming to Costa Rica for health tourism are:

    • Top nudge professionals with US accreditations
    • No waiting list or waiting time
    • Affordable prices
    • Top technology
    • Convenient travel arrangements
    • Proximity to the US and Canada
    • Recovery retreats

    When deciding to come to Costa Rica to undergo a medical procedure, visitors need to think about the correct type of accommodations. The medical procedure could take from a couple of hours to a couple of days and the rest of the time, time will be spent at the hotel to recover. Even though visitors can get their own accommodations or ask for help with them, visitors can also choose to pay for a recovery resort. These are places that have all the amenities to relax and recovered while you are taken cared by health specialists (nurses and interns).

    Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the most reliable countries in the world for medical tourism. According with statistics from Medical Tourism web site, 64% of patients that come to Costa Rica do not have health insurance. More than 83% of patients travel with somebody and 70% of patients rate the health system in Costa Rica as excellent.

    To avoid any confusion or risk when hiring a doctor, please check the board of doctors of Costa Rica to see the studies, certifications and experience of the professional you are choosing.


     Salud Costa Rica


    More than 150 millions of Americans do not have dental care insuranse. Dental work, particularly dental cosmetic work is very expensive in the US and Europe. That is the main reason why dental care tourism is growing so fast, especially in Costa Rica. Some visitors come to Costa Rica to have a great vacations and take some time off to do some dental work. They become incidental traveler, which is the tourist that undergo some dental treatment while enjoying their vacations.

    The dental tourism activity is mature in Costa Rica. It is due to two main reasons: the cost savings and the excellent quality of professionals and materials. As for the prices, they are very competitive allowing clients to buy a complete procedure, with the best quality at very good prices. For example, a treatment like the All-on-4, which uses materials such as zirconium oxide, costs around $25,000. In Costa Rica, the same treatment may cost up to 30% less.

    We work with Sonrisa Total in Alajuela. It is a full clinic with two great dental bilingual professionals, registered in the board of doctors, Costa Rica. They have several specialties in dental work and advance knowledge of odontology, with more than 10 years of work experience.


     Dental tourism in Costa Rica

    Diagnostic Imaging (MRI and PET/CT)

    All the imaging services are normally very expensive. In Costa Rica, the clinic Imágenes Médicas Dr. Chavarria Estrada has the best technology in Central America for imaging and nuclear medicine. It is the only diagnostic imaging clinic in Latin America with a 9001 ISO Certification.

    Clients can get the best prices for mammography, ultrasounds, X rays, MRI, and now Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT). Many people come from other countries in Central America because the service of PET/CT is not available. In the US a PET/CT test could cost over $5000 and in Costa Rica the services is around $2500.

    Next year (2017), the diagnostic imaging clinic will also have a Cyber Knife.




     PET/CT Costa Rica

    Drug Rehab

    Addictions are becoming one of the most dangerous and sad social phenomena in the world. Costa Rica offers many residential treatments fro drug rehab. There are only a few ambulatory drug rehab centers. We work with the best of them: Centro de Psicologia Integral.