• Los Santos

    Los Santos, Home of the best coffee


    Los Santos is a relatively big area conformed by various towns with the names of a saint: Santa Maria de Dota, San Gerardo de Dota, San Marcos de Tarrazu, among others. Eventhough the area is closer to Cartago, it belongs to San Jose Province. These towns are known because of its top quality international coffee. Starbucks uses coffee from Costa Rica and from the specific area.

    An interesting fact about this area is that it has the best alphabetization rate of the whole country with over 98,8% of literacy, according with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

    Los Santos

    Coffee Tour - Coopedota

    This coperative funded in 1960 and located in a little but pintoresque town called Santa Maria de Dota.The town is known internationally bacuase of its coffee. According with Lonely Planet, it is one of the 1 of best places to have the complete coffee experience and to learn about the process from a local productor.

    It is also a company that has came uo with an idea to create biofuels out of the coffee honey and the brushwood coffee.


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