• Poas Volcano

    The second biggest crater in the world


    Poas Volcano is known to be the second biggest crater in the world or the first volcanic crater the the world (290 metres or 950 ft deep) . It is located in the Alajuela Province at 1 hour and 15 minutes from San Jose. The Poas Volcano is protected by the figure of National Park, which is approximately 65 square kilometres or 16,000 acres. It`s summit is around 2,700 metres or 8,900 ft.

    It has three main craters: the main crater, Von Frantzuis crater, which is extinct and the Botos crater, which is a beutiful green lagoon. The last eruption of the main crater was during 1952-54 and the Botos Crater was 7.500 years ago; however, there have been some indications that it is slowly building into a probable new eruption.

    Thear ea around the National Park has beautiful landscapes and it is great place to buy strawberries and plums. There are also many attractions around it.


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     Poas Volcano