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Christmas in Costa Rica

If you are thinking of traveling for your Christmas Holiday with your family, you must be looking for good options to have everything you wish for just in one place. Costa Rica is a great country to enjoy your vacations, but take into consideration that it is a specially busy time in the year and you must plan your trip with some time in advance.


Iglesia de Coronado 

Christmas Tico Style

As in other parts of the world, Christmas in Costa Rica is a time for celebration, parties and sharing with family and friends. Christmas decorations begin to appear in downtown shops on late November, and most people buy a Christmas tree (cypress tree) on the first week of December.

As done in other Latin American countries, the portal is a very important tradition. The portal is the nativity scene representing the birth of Jesus in the manger. Normally the portals are made out of figurines, black paper, glitter and grass, with plastic farm animals and a nice yellow star. Along with the traditional figures of Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, shepards, the three wise men and the ox and mule

The portal is often placed under the tree (along with the presents) but may sit on a table, platform or on the floor in a corner of the living room. The figure of Baby Jesus is placed in the portal at midnight on December twenty-fourth. That's also when the adults open their gifts. The children are told that the Baby Jesus brings their gifts while they are sleeping. Nowadays, Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus has also become an important part of the custom since we have had a great influence from the US.


Written by Caro Goodfellow

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